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Bespoke Black Tie

Dresscode Black Tie

Black Tie, also known as Dinner Suit or, in Swedish "Smoking" is the most widely used type of formalwear today. It's appropriate for dinner parties and semi-formal events and it is also becoming increasingly popular for weddings.

Men's Black Tie attire comprises a refined ensemble where a tailored black dinner jacket, accompanied by matching trousers, forms the foundation. A crisp white dress shirt complements the look, often featuring a pleated or textured marcella front, and the quintessential black bow tie adds a touch of sophistication. Patent leather shoes, preferably in black, and black silk socks complete the ensemble, presenting a timeless and distinguished appearance.

You may also encounter the term "Creative Black Tie". The concept of offers a chance to infuse your formal wear with some personal flair. When an event calls for this dress code, you can diverge from the conventional norms of black tie attire. Rather than conforming to the typical tuxedo standards, consider experimenting with diverse textures, colors and accessories to craft an individualized, sophisticated ensemble.

Price from SEK 17 000*

*Two-piece bespoke dinner suit


The most commonly used cloth selections for Black Tie is worsted wool, barathea or velvet where the wool materials are regarded as more formal. Other options are also possible such as, for example, linen. When it comes to color, black and midnight blue would be considered standard choices but the possibilities are more or less endless.


A dinner jacket can be either single or double breasted, typically with peak or shawl lapels covered with silk facings. A velvet dinner jacket is usually single breasted and can have either peak lapels or a shawl collar. High side vents are today recommended on both varieties, but the classic dinner jackets were originally made without vents.

Götrich & Co Bespoke Black Tie


The trousers are either black or midnight blue wool with a single braid along the side seams. The most elegant trousers for black tie are straight, cut with a high waist and worn with braces.


A black wool waistcoat can be very elegant together with a single breasted wool dinner jacket. The most classic style would be the low cut, horseshoe shaped one. The waistcoat can be made with or without lapels.

Shirt & tie

As the name suggests Black Tie is worn with a black, silk or velvet bow tie. See our bow ties especially designed for Black Tie here.

Black Tie Bow Tie from Götrich

The shirt should be a white, double cuff, turn-down collar shirt with either pleats or a marcella chest (the wing collar is recommended only for White Tie). If it is a buttoned shirt the buttons should be covered or if it is a shirt with studs the studs should be light colored such as gold or pearl.

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Shoes & accessories 

Black tie is usually worn with black patent leather shoes. However if you opt for the slightly more eccentric, but equally elegant, opera pump (or court shoe) then velvet is also an option. A silk pocket pocket square always looks dashing with your black tie so if you like colour, go for it!

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