Bespoke Overcoats

A perfect overcoat is the crown jewel of your wardrobe. Make it double or single breasted, according to taste or preference, more or less formal, according to use. It’s not merely there to keep you warm - but also to make you look right! The advantages of making a bespoke overcoat are obvious - there are simply no boundaries for what you can create!

Price from SEK 17 000*

*Full bespoke overcoat


We offer all types of cloth, ranging from lush flannels to luxurious cashmeres and sturdy tweeds, we offer a seemingly infinite variety of choices. Some of our cloth suppliers include Loro Piana, W Bill, HFW and so on.

Style and model

There are a lot of different styles to choose from when it comes to overcoats! For example the smart covert coat, the formal Chesterfield, the crombie, the trench coat, the majestic great coat and the slightly eccentric raglan. We make them all!

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