Bespoke Götrich High Twist Suit

Bespoke Suits

Bespoke Suits are what we do most of, hence we do them really well. The configuration of the suit is naturally entirely up to you, your own imagination is the only limit. To ensure you get the best suit possible for your needs and wishes, our tailors are always ready to help you choose from our wide variety of the world’s best cloths and different styles. 

Price from SEK 15 000


We offer all types of cloth, ranging from the breeziest summer linens to the heaviest winter tweeds. Some of our cloth suppliers include Loro Piana, W Bill, HFW, Holland & Sherry, Harrissons, Dormeuil, Smith Woolens, and more.

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In our opinion the perfect jacket is the jacket you want to wear and that makes you look your absolute best. Depending on your wishes and your body type we can make them single or double breasted, structured or unstructured, in any type of cloth, with any button configuration and style you want. 

Götrich Bespoke Jacket


Trousers can be made in a variety of ways - flat fronted, with our without pleats, with or without cuffs, high or low rise, with different types of pockets, and naturally, from any cloth you wish. 

Götrich Bespoke Trousers


Be it single or double breasted, made from wool, linen or cashmere, we can make it for you. The waistcoat will be cut for the suit (or other garments) you want to wear it with. Depending on whether you prefer low or high rise trousers, the waistcoat will be made to different lengths. You can also choose to have it with or without lapels and different back styles.

Shirt, ties, shoes & accessories

Depending on where you feel most at home on the formality spectrum, you can wear anything from a loafer to black oxfords with your suit. A good rule of thumb is that the more formal the suit is, the more formal the shoes should be, and vice versa. A worsted navy suit always looks its best with black oxfords in our opinion, just like a light linen suit will look splendid with a pair of brown suede loafers. 

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