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Country Wear

With our strong links to the UK and Savile Row in London, we can offer an unrivalled range of bespoke tweed suits and tailored countrywear, catering to all tastes and requirements. We design and tailor all garments for both style and function, with an extensive line-up of tweeds, moleskins, and corduroys readily available in our shop. Come in and be inspired to make the hunting suit that will last you a lifetime, or why not several generations? 

Price from SEK 15 000*

*Full bespoke, two-piece hunting suit


We use tweeds, moleskins and corduroys from all the finest mills in the UK as a basis for our hunting garments. Durability, climate and type of use are all dimensions that we take into consideration when advising on cloth hunting garments, ensuring we keep you warm and dry during your activities. We also source moree contemporary tweeds from Italy for anyone looking for a slightly different take on the classic style.


Hunting jackets can be made with a large variety of functions, such as cartridge pockets, shoulder pads in suede or leather, and action backs of different types (with pleats that allow for more room). This gives you the chance to make a unique garment exactly matching your own needs. 


Trousers for hunting are often made as breeks. Whether as part of a three piece tweed suit or made as a separate in moleskine or corduroy, the breeks are both stylish and practical in a hunting situation. We can, of course, also make full length trousers for your hunting suit.

Gilets & Waistcoats

At Götrich we love our Gilets, i.e. tweed waistcoats designed to wear on top of your jacket, or why not directly over your shirt or jumper? We use them as city wear too, as a simple yet stylish alternative to an overcoat during the transitional seasons. For hunting, the Gilet is ideal as if can feature cartridge pockets and action backs, and gives a slightly less formal impression than the full suit. 

We also make waistcoats to be worn under the jackets, since nothing can beat the comfort and elegance of a full three piece hunting suit.

Shirt, ties & accessories

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Safari jacket

We are incredibly proud of our safari jackets, a garment that suits a large number of occasions. Wear it as an informal jacket over a t-shirt and jeans, or just as well with a tie and shirt with a pair of tailored trousers. A bespoke safari jacket can be made in both linen, flannel, tweed or cotton, all depending on your needs and preferences.

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