Bespoke Morning Suit

Morning suit is the most formal daytime wear for a man. It is increasingly common for daytime weddings. In Britain it is also quite popular, since events like The Royal Ascot have a morning coat dress code for men. If you are adventurous by nature you are rather free to experiment with the colours of the adjoining waistcoat, while still adhering to the morning wear dress code. However, the jacket is typically black and the trousers are traditionally gray and striped.

Price from SEK 20 000*

*Full bespoke, two-piece morning suit


The cloth for the morning suit jacket is typically black wool (on some occasions the entire suit is dove grey). The cloth for trousers is often grey and black striped wool. The waistcoat can be made in a variety of colours, of which buff, light blue, dove grey and light pink are popular variations, typically from wool or cotton.


The coat for the morning suit is knee length, not far from the white tie coat, but instead of a cut-off front the morning coat has a rounded front opening towards the knees and is always single breasted. The coat has one front button.


The trousers are made from striped wool and should be high waisted, to not create a gap between the waistcoat and trousers. They are traditionally uncuffed, as are all formal trousers. A perfectly cut trouser for morning coat never creates much break above the shoes - to ensure clean lines.


The waistcoat can be made up in a variety of styles and colours, depending on your taste, and is typically made from wool or cotton. It can be made double or single breasted and with or without lapels.

Shirt & tie

The shirt and tie for the morning suit are open to your whims. Morning suit can traditionally be worn with most types of shirt collars, although a more formal cuff is advisable. Neckwear can range from cravats, bow ties to regular ties. We’d suggest sticking with the latter.

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Shoes & accessories 

With a morning coat a pair of well buffed, black, cap toe, oxfords will always look best in our opinion. a pocket square and maybe a boutonniere can also be appropriate, depending on occasion.  As always, over-the-calf-socks is the appropriate choice.

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